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Fixing Computers in the Burton area for over 30 years !

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Something we hear frequently from our Customers are their reasons for not dealing with larger stores.

  • Their staff don't seem to care.
  • Their staff don't know what they are talking about.
  • Their staff pushed us into Expensive Purchases and Extended Warranties.
  • Their staff just talked Jargon and didn't explain things properly.
  • Their staff seemed very young and immature.

This is why we are in Business.

  • All of Our Staff are good communicators and good listeners.
  • All of Our Staff are highly qualified in Computing and have several years of experience at Building PC's.
  • All of our Staff Work in the Workshop, Serve Customers and are thoroughly Familiar with all of Our Products.
  • We operate Just In Time Stock Management, this means we are always Competitively Priced and Current.
  • We don't have Sales or Special Promotions, we just like to keep things simple.
  • We have been trading for 25 years and know what we are doing.