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Our qualified Engineers can repair the following type of equipment, included with each is a list of the types of repairs we can perform.

This list is not definitive and is purely to give you an idea of the types of repair that we can perform. If the fault which you are experiencing isn't listed then send us an email detailing your fault, and one of our engineers will get back to you.

  • CD-ROM's.
    • My PC can't read any Audio CD's.
    • My PC can't read any Data CD's.
    • My PC reads CD's intermittently.
    • My PC takes an excessive amount time to read my CD's.
    • My CD's are still spinning when I eject the CD drawer.
    • My PC will not eject the CD drawer when I press the eject button.
    • My CD drive is scratching my CD's.
    • My PC is vibrating excessively when I use the CD drive.
  • Hard Drives.
    • My Drive has an Intermittent Power Failure
    • My Drive emits an excessive noise
  • Monitors.
    • My Monitor is not Powering up.
    • My Monitor is not Displaying a picture.
    • The picture on the Monitor screen is blurred.
    • There is a colour missing on my Monitor screen.
    • There is a burning smell, when I use the Monitor.
    • The Monitor is Arcing when I use it.
    • The picture on my Monitor screen has rogue patches of colour on the edges.
    • My Monitor has been exposed to excessive moisture.
    • My Monitor has got some Broken or Missing Pins on the Data Cable.
    • My Monitor Power or Data Cable has been severed.
    • The picture on the Monitor screen is intermittently lost.
    • I am concerned that the radiation output of my Monitor is above the normal limit.
  • Printers.
    • My Printer will not feed paper.
    • The Paper in my Printer jams when printing.
    • My computer reports communication error when trying to use my Printer.
    • When using my Printer no ink appears on the page.
    • When printing lines on my Printer they are not aligned properly.
    • My Printer prints lines through my printouts.
    • My Printer is leaking ink into the mechanism.
    • My Printer is printing small specs on the unprinted parts of the paper.
    • My Printer is not fixing the ink to the paper.
    • My Toner cartridge has become damp.
    • My Printer has small pieces of paper trapped inside .
  • Keyboards, Mice, Floppy Drives.
    • Minor repairs carried out where the cost of repair is deemed justifiable by the customer