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New legislation came into force in January 2007 regarding disposal of Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment, known as WEEE.

Under these regulations we are classed as a Non Producing Distributor.

As a consequence we can no longer take ANY electrical waste for recycling or disposal from customers, all waste has to be taken by the customer to the nearest recycling point.

We are now fully registered with Valpak for their WEEE Distributor Take-back Scheme (DTS) our membership number is 4184.

Data Destruction

Your Hard drives and Tapes may store the following information :-

  • Your Customer and Supplier Details
  • Your Bank or Credit Card Details
  • Your eMail Address Book
  • Your Photos and Videos

Wiping your confidential and proprietary information from these data storage devices is time-consuming and error-prone.

If you need to dispose of data storage devices, we offer a Total Data Destruction Service for this type of sensitive information. Our service ensures that no other person or organization will have access to the valuable information contained on your surplus drives by performing a complete wipe. You can be confident that no information will be obtained from your discarded drives.


Most Charities have actually stopped accepting donations of computers because they receive such a large percentage of valueless computers.  If your donation is not good equipment you are simply passing on the cost of recycling to an organization that have more important uses for their money than recycling.