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We buy Laptops from the General Public; the following is an outline of the procedure we follow and the prices we offer.

The laptop needs to be brought to us and left with us for testing, the following contact details need to be left with us for Legal Reasons :-

  • Landline Phone number
  • Postal Address including Post Code
  • Full Name
  • Credit Card / Debit Card details

We will thoroughly test all aspects of the laptop and any ancillary items such as the power supply.

We will then call you on your landline number and make you an offer for the laptop, if accepted we will credit money onto your credit / debit card, we will not pay cash for the laptop.

If you decline our offer you have 7 days to collect the laptop or we will recycle it.

Our offer is based on buying the whole laptop, the following prices are used as a guide :-

Description Price
Hard Drive 10 pence per 10 Gigabyte of capacity.
Memory £1 per 1Gb of capacity.
Branded Manufacturer £10.
Power Supply £5
DVD Writer £1
Keyboard £2
Screen £5
Branded Carry Case £3

For prices on Collections and Deliveries click here.

All information is retained for 10 years, whether we buy the laptop or not.